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The Martin screenshot

The Martin :

This project pulls in information from the property management API and uses it to activate highlights on the building image and the floor plans. If a unit is not available the highlight will be deactivated. All of the details of each unit is pulled in from the API. Languages used: JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. Plugin's used: Imagemapster, ColorBox

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Site Developement

Broadway Performance Hall website image

Broadway Performance Hall was a site redesign project. The team consisted of two designers and three developers. Our client wanted a user friendly environment and easily edited content. We worked closely with our client to ensure each and every feature had limited steps and explained each step in detail including documentation. The client was very pleased with the final product.

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Screen capture of Java Duddle Bugs

This project is based on your basic ecosystem. There is one predator and one source of food. Both are limited in movement and have a life span.

This is using the ACM Graphics Library and the AWT mouse event to trigger the movement of the little world.

The code can be seen and downloaded from GitHub, you'll need to provide your own graphics.